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Part of me being an adult includes the love of bringing birdies to my garden so I can watch them from my window, or even sit outside and listen to all the tweet tweets. I know right, such an “old” thing to do! I am very aware of where I feed the birds as I don’t want my cats to feel like I am providing them with takeaways, and when Westerman’s sent me some adorable little bird houses and feeders, I found the perfect spot to hang these up.

Well, it seems that the birds in the area could sniff their treats out and within an hour I had a variety of birds fluttering about and spilling seed onto the dirt below – yay for more beautiful grass coming through when I so desperately needed it.

I saw how much joy the birds coming to visit brought tome, as well as others on the property, and I really have Westerman’s to thank for this. The birds love the little feeders I have up for them, and the seed is definitely something special as they now all congregate in my garden waiting for the next meal.

I reached out to Westerman’s and asked if I could interview them about their seed and other offerings as I see the quality and care that goes into everything they put out. So sit back, grab something to drink, and let’s get to know them a little better!

Your Name: Amy Westerman, Sales and Marketing Director

Business Name: Westerman’s

Social Media Handles: Facebook, Instagram and Website.

3 fun facts about Westermans:

  • We are a family run business.
  • We are proudly South African.
  • We do not just cater to birds, but also cute critters, such as rabbits and hamsters.

What makes Westerman’s so unique: We offer a wide range of premium quality pet food at affordable pricing. We are a proudly South African, family business.

Westerman’s stands for: Premium quality

What are your most popular products: Our Wild Bird Seed and Wild Bird Suet are our most popular products.

What is your personal favourite product: Our Wild Bird Seed Bells, as they are such a simple way of attracting birds to your garden. There is no need for a feeder, and they also make the perfect gifts.

Where can people purchase your products from: Our products are available at most pet and lifestyle retailers across South Africa.

Why should we be taking care of our wild birds: Bird feeders are a fantastic way to get in touch with nature, allowing us the opportunity to enjoy wild birds at close range in our own gardens; while taking care of our environment/fauna. However, this should always be done responsibly, by providing them with natural and healthy sources of food such as seeds, freshly chopped fruit and vegetables, suet, or meal worms; and ensuring that your feeders are cleaned regularly.

You have the most gorgeous bird feeders – what are the different ones used for: Our Suet Feeders are used for our Wild Bird Suet. Our Seed Feeders are used for our wide range of seed, and of course our Fruit Feeders are a great way to attract fruit-eating birds to your garden. Each feeder attracts a beautiful variety of wild birds.

Suet balls: what are they and why should I be using them for the birds in my garden: Suet is a nutritious, high energy treat made up of vegetable fat and assorted grains, with some mixtures containing peanut butter, seeds, and even insects. It is an easy and popular food to add your garden bird buffet, attracting a variety of wild birds to your garden all year round. Our Suet is especially beneficial in Winter when birds need a good source of fat and energy to survive through the cold.

Quote you live by: Be excellent in everything you do.

The quality of these products cannot be competed with, and I have seen how the birds genuinely appreciate the care and consideration taken when feeding them. I love Westerman’s; love their products; and will continue using them to feed and show love to the wild birds around me.

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