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I have been dealing with Rectron for a while now, and knowing that they are the ones who have brought Cricut into South Africa means that they are very special to me! I also own their RCT keyboard, mouse, power bank, headphones, webcam, and most recently one of their Xiaomi Jimmy JV85 vacuum cleaners!

I have always been impressed through my interactions with them, and love how all the staff are passionate about what they do, and never make you feel like what you are asking too much. Right from Yvelde, to Cayse, and to the Cricut Rectron Santa himself, Santi, who brings me all my gorgeous new purchases – I adore them all and I know how much many of my followers and friends do too.

I also recently discovered that they have portable power stations, and that is what I am definitely saving up for next. This loadshedding is the pits, and it really affects my productivity as well as my down time – *ahem* by that I mean crafting with my Cricut, obviously…

But, back to my blog! When I started looking into everything that Rectron has in stock and available to purchase through one of their authorized resellers, I knew that this had to form part of my Christmas wishlist series.

Meet Yvelde from Rectron

Your name: Yvelde Wilkins

Business Name: Rectron (PTY) LTD

Social Media Handles: Facebook, Instagram and Website.

3 fun facts about yourself:

I thoroughly enjoy playing Sudoku
I am equal parts logic and creativity!
I truly and with my entire being hate peas.

How long have you been working at Rectron: I celebrated my 7th year on 1 October

What made you join the Rectron family: I needed a new challenge, and my heart has always been in IT. When the opportunity to join the Rectron team as a Samsung PM many moons ago opened, I grabbed it with both hands and it was definitely the best decision I have ever made. It is rare that one finds a home away from home and I found that at Rectron.

Who is Rectron?

What is Rectron: Rectron is an IT Distributor. We import and sell to resellers 50+ top tier IT brands, example Samsung, Hisense, DJI, Gigabyte and of course my baby – Cricut. We also offer repair services on certain products such as Hisense, and we also assemble custom built PC’s.

How long has Rectron been around for: We turned 27 on May 4th

Can anyone buy from Rectron: Unfortunately, not. You must be an IT Reseller or, more recently, have an arts and crafts store or be an installer for products such as power or surveillance. We cannot and do not sell to the public.

What is the focus of items that are available through Rectron: We currently have 6 pillars of product that we focus on. Consumer Electronics and Imaging, which includes products such as cutters, TV’s, monitors, Printers, drones, etc.; Computer Components, which includes products such as PC’s, gaming components, PC audio and peripherals, etc.; Mobility, which includes Notebooks and tablets; Power, Network and Security, which includes Powerbanks, Surveillance cameras, networking products and more; Datacentre, which includes Back up storage, servers and POS systems, etc. and Finally Software, for Operating systems, backup solutions etc.

Rectron Products

What brands do you have: Acer, Acronis, Advantech, AMD, AOC, Aorus, Asus, Aten, Bitdefender, Canon, Chenbro, CoolerMaster, Corsair, Cricut, Dahua, D-Link, DJI, EKWB, Epson, Everki, Ecoflow, Gigabyte, Godex, G.Skill, H3C, Hisense, HP, HyperIce, Huawei, Intel, Jimmy, Lenovo, LG, Logitech, Makerbot, Maken, Microsoft, MSI, Newland, Nanoleaf, NZXT, Palladium, PNY, Poslab, RCT, Ricoh, Samsung, Seagate, Synology, Transcend, Tyan, Vertiv, Vivotek, Zebra

What is your personal favourite item from your range: COMPLETELY bias here but Cricut! It has been an absolute game changer at Rectron. It is something we have never even considered doing and yet it has fit in perfectly. It is the first brand that has gotten every single person in the company engaged, wanting to learn and recognising their own potential. There is something so amazing seeing their faces light up when they complete a project! Everyone who has tried it, has loved it. It has brands collaborating and because it is 100% complimentary, we can add it to ANYTHING we sell, and the customer finds a benefit for it.

What have been your most popular items: this is a bit of a difficult one. Each Rectron Pillar has its strong brands, however I think over the last year we have all stood in awe of our Power division. We have already sold-out stock not even in country yet! And then Cricut, DJI, Lenovo, Acer and Asus have all been extremely successful at Rectron over the last 2 years. That being said, Rectron is, was and will forever be known as the Gaming Disti. We found our origins importing and selling gaming components and that will forever be at the heart of our operation. We never forget our origins and our focus always shifts back to our beloved components.

What would you like the public to know about Rectron: Rectron is committed to always bringing in product that will improve the lives of others. Even though you are not able to buy from us, we have 7000+ resellers who are all very well equipped to assist in your every need.

What 2 items do you feel like everyone should own (especially with loadshedding!): an RCT MP-PBS80AC MegaPower Powerbank and A Cricut Joy! The powerbank can keep your Wi-Fi and Joy on while you craft from your phone. It can also power a TV so your partner or kids can stay busy too!

Quote you live by: “Just be kind”. There are too many people being discriminated against because they are a minority. ANY minority. Just live and let people live their best lives regardless of their live choices. Mental health is a very real issue in this world, you never know what others are going through, so just be kind.

Anything else you want to add: Again, maybe some bias on my side, but the best thing you can do is invest in a Cricut connected device. The amount you can do with it, for yourself, for others, as a business, it is just too great to be ignored! If only from a mental health perspective, or your own personal sense of accomplishment, Cricut is definitely worth the investment. Especially in November with the Black November deals running.

In Closing…

You may think it is difficult to get your hands on some RCT products, or those which Rectron is bringing into the country, but it really isn’t. And if you are confused, you can pop them a message through any of their social media channels or their website.

Rectron really is changing the way that we do technology, and I am here for it! I can’t wait to see how they continue to grow.

P.S. Santa, I would really love one of those RCT MP-PBS80AC MegaPower Powerbank that Yvelde mentioned above. It sounds like a complete game-changer!

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