Finding the good in everyday

by Megan Toni

Discount Codes

Welcome to a list of discount codes to help you save with some of my favourite small businesses!

Which ones will you use first?


Litehouse offers a wide selection of premium outdoor lighting including solar lights, fairy lights, and decorative options designed to enhance any space. These lights are perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for gardens, patios, or any outdoor event. Litehouse products are known for their quality, energy efficiency, and beautiful design, crafted with care in South Africa. With features like a 1-year warranty, secure payment options, and fast shipping, they make every occasion memorable.

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These lightweight shoes are Kinda Like Socks and will become your go-to shoes. From fashionable pattern designs to energize your playful spirit, to your solid designs for the more classic look. These shoes are for all ages, from kids that refuse to wear shoes, to non-slip shoes for Granny and Grandpa. They are perfect for any outdoor adventure, walking on the beach, fishing, exploring the rocks and any watersports. Pack these light weights, for your next trip! Perfect for beaches, boat cruises, flights, camping and other adventures. If all these sound too energy consuming to you, relax your tired feet in these at home, you deserve it!

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KwirkNation originated in a cozy apartment in the heart of Joburg. We created our brand with one important goal in mind-to help South African women find the lighter side of life even in times of unimaginable madness. We know that life sucks sometimes, which is why we use a shitload of profanity to get those feel-good hysterics going. We hope your days go by a little easier knowing that you are part of a nation of women that embraces the right to be peculiar. We know it’s totally okay to act like a lady, swear like a trooper,drink like a fish, eat like a trucker, wear the same pyjamas 10 days in a row AND not want to get out of bed sometimes!

PS. You beautiful-crazy-awesome bitch, KwirkNation welcomes you

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