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I recently put out a call on social media for local businesses to feature on my blog, and Amani was one of the very first people to reach out to me. There was something really special about this caricature artist, and I couldn’t wait to share her talent with all of you!

So without further ado, let’s dive into getting to know this beautiful soul…

Getting to Know the Artist

Your name: Amani

Business Name: Soft Palette

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. You can find me everywhere under @softpalette.jpg

3 fun facts about you:

1.)  The first time I ever did a caricature for someone was for a planned proposal. The guy contacted me to create a drawing of him and his soon to be fiancé and asked me to come to a market that he would take his girl to. They stopped by and got the drawing done. She didn’t suspect a thing! When it was time to reveal the artwork, the guy got down on one knee and proposed. The drawing had the writing “Will you marry me?” on it.
2.)  I read tarot cards for friends and family! I used to have a little tarot reading business too, but I just read for fun now.
3.)  I play computer games. It has always been a dream of mine to play competitively.

Caricature Art?

Please explain what it is that you do:
I am a caricature artist. I draw people on the spot at markets, events and weddings.

Have you always enjoyed art:
I started drawing around 16 years ago. I have always loved art and how meditative it can be.
What are your live events that you do:
At the moment, I attend the Hazelfood Market in Pretoria every Saturday. I do the occasional night markets around Gauteng, as well as birthday parties, corporate events and weddings! People love having me at their weddings.

Placing an Order

How can people order a piece of your art:
I do take at-home orders which are more detailed caricatures/cartoons of people that can be delivered straight to your home! You can order a caricature on my website or message me on Instagram!
Whereabouts are you based:
I am based in Pretoria Gauteng.
What are your fave pieces that you have created:
Honestly, the more interesting a person looks the more fun the caricature comes out. So, I have drawn some awesome characters!

How do people usually react when they see your art:
They go “aww!” and smile and laugh. This is my favorite part. I think it makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Who do you think would enjoy your creations:
Honestly, anyone can enjoy my creations. From kids to seniors! It makes everyone laugh and gives them something memorable to put up in their home.

Caricature Workshop

Tell me more about your caricature workshop, and do you still have spaces available:
On the 9 th  of June, I am collaborating with a studio in Sandton, Second Sketch Art Studio, to teach people how to draw in the caricature style. The first half of the workshop will be the teaching phase, and the second half will give everyone a chance to put their skills to the test and draw their partner! We are
filling up all the slots. There are a couple of tickets left. You can find out more about this at
What is your average price for this art:
The average price is about R300 for a caricature.


What made you decide to do something like this:
Honestly, I did not come up with this idea on my own. I give full credit to the community around me. Friends and family suggested doing live caricatures for people and to just see where it takes me. Luckily there aren’t that many that I know of in South Africa with my style sitting at markets drawing people!
Quote you live by:
“You are exactly where you need to be right now.” I am not sure who first said it, but it always brings me back and grounds me, no matter how tough or amazing things get, this quote gets me by.
Anything else you would like to add:
I have been through the wringer regarding business ideas and art projects to sell and make a living by. As I reflect over the years, I see how everything was connected all along. Everything I learned and everyone I met eventually played a role. Honor your journey no matter where it takes you. You make plans and God laughs right? Never give up on the goal of living an honest, full, and happy life that you can’t wait to wake up to every day (or at least most days).

Final Thoughts

Amani, your art is beautiful. I love the joy that you are bringing to so many people, the passion you have for creating memories through your caricature art and just your kind and generous spirit.

These would make the most perfect gift, memory of a special event or even a unique family portrait. Let’s support local artist, creators and businesses. And the way you can start is by simply giving her a follow on your favourite social media platform!

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