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Let’s find out more…

This is a blog that I have been dying to write for the longest time. You see, Lana is an authentically wonderful, kind person that I have had the pleasure of spending time with a couple of times as I have received my multiple permanent bracelets, and in fact she was the first to jump forward when I was running giveaways around my birthday.

When you meet Lana, her eyes are magnified under her massive headset that enhances what she is seeing so she can quickly and easily zap your permanent bracelet into place. She has a huge smile on her face, and she immediately treats you like family. Getting the “zap” is not painful at all, and the bracelet is a gorgeous reminder of friendship, an event and you will definitely want to go back for more.

Without further ado, let’s jump into discovering more about Lana,Let’s Bee Linked and Jawellnofine by Lana…

Who is Lana?

Your name: Lana Stefancic

Business Name: Let’s Bee Linked / Jawellnofine by Lana

Social media handles: Let’s Bee Linked and Jawellnofine by Lana

3 fun facts about you: leopard print for life, slightly obsessed with bees, yellow makes me happy, wanna live Mama Mia (the movie) life on an island somewhere, with Abba in the background.

The Jewellery

Tell me about your jewellery range: Simple everyday easy wear items in stainless steel. Permanent Bracelets are rather new but loving the interaction with clients and linking lovelies up.

What makes your products so unique in comparison to others: Affordable happy jewels. Quality at a great price. Timeless.

Where did the idea come from to start this business: I have been manufacturing jewellery for 27 years now. Stainless steel is new and exciting and the permanent jewellery has given my business a fresh breath of air and made me excited about jewellery and what it means to people, again.

Can you create custom pieces: We custom fit all bracelets… On the Jawellnofine side I do custom orders and engagement rings are my best to design and make . Love being part of peoples’ happy moments in life.

What is Permanent Jewellery?

Please tell me more about the permanent jewellery – i.e. does it hurt, and is it really there forever & ever: Its 100% painless . we custom fit your choice of chain, then we link it and spot weld that link with a micro arc welder that came all the way from the US. (I invested in Customer safety) it takes a split second to weld/zap the joining link shut forever. There is no clasp so it can only be removed by cutting the link so it is as PERMANENT as you long as you wish it to be. I have chosen stainless steel as the base metal for these bracelets. In my 27 years of experience silver and gold chains, especially the delicate ones , have a lifespan and break more easily than stainless steel. It is tarnish resistant, waterproof and hypoallergenic and so much more affordable and the designs are endless.

What have been your favourite items that you have created: Its not really one item. My favourite part of what I do is creating memories and being part of peoples celebrations (engagements wedding birthdays anniversaries etc etc) and the “lets bee linked” part of my business introduced me to a whole new world op meeting people. If i was forced to choose one fav item i would have to say it was a tiny little mixed metal bee with yellow diamonds on it bum.

Get Your Own

How can people purchase/order from you: DM on Insta or email at

Where can we come get zapped: I try do do regular pop ups at GONK in Linden. The Linden Market. Private events can be booked at a minimum charge of 12 Bracelets. Special appointments subject to availabillity.

Quote you live by: LET THEM …….

Anything else you want to add: Life is hard, we all are battling something, bee kind, bee yourself, bee linked to those you love and care about, Bee present, bee true to YOU always.

In closing

I now have 3 different permanent bracelets from Lana, and they all have meaning. Two I got with my bestie, Maughin, and my most recent one I got with my mama when she was visiting for my most recent birthday. I also have a delicate ring with little pearls, and lobster earrings from her Jawellnofine by Lana range. I am most excited to take my engagement and wedding rings to Lana to create something new, something beautiful, something ME.

Lana, you are such a joy. Meeting you was the biggest blessing and I love seeing you on our random weekend jaunts.

If you are looking for someone to do permanent jewellery for you, Lana is your go-to girl! Enjoy them, and give the zap a try.

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Let’s find out more… This is a blog that I have been dying to write for the longest time. You see, Lana is an authentically