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adjective – Afrikaans
Southern African slang meaning pleasing; nice

Are you much of a saver?  Are you good about keeping your extra change aside for a rainy day?  I know I am TERRIBLE at this, but this is also due to the fact that I hardly ever draw actual cash & then have to dig around in my change purse to tip the car guards & so on.  However with recent life events I realised the importance of saving a little & putting money aside for those times when I want to spoil myself.

When I was younger I had a bright pink piggy bank that had a special spot in my bedroom.  I would do extra chores around the house to get a silver coin, or would proudly add my pocket money into the container & then take it all out so I could count it up & see how close I was to treating myself to something I really wanted.  It helped teach me the value of money, & also that I didn’t have to always ask my mum for assistance.  She was a single mum & had enough on her plate without me nagging her for a new doll that I HAD to have…

When I came across this gorgeous small business I was so excited!  Do we truly remember the value of money?  And are we teaching these values to children, or do we simply spoil them rotten so when they are out in the real world they get a complete shock?  Sometimes we all need a small reminder to find the good & happiness in life, but still put aside the small change for “just in case”.  And these piggy banks will certainly encourage this, whilst forming beautiful decor in your house!


Your name: Charmaine and Kayla Margoczi (mom and daughter)

Business name: Mooi

Social media handles: Facebook  and Instagram

What do you do: We buy and sell these unique and funky takes on the traditional piggy bank, giving you freedom to chose something to match your style, personality and even favorite animals.

How did your business start: Mom actually fell in love with the concept and found them incredibly unique. We bought a few and decided to see what people’s reactions would be. Turns out they love the little guys and they make quirky individual gifts!

What are some of the different designs: There truly are a number of different animals and patterns. Ranging from dogs to cows to elephants and even dinosaurs. Each animal also has a different pattern and colour to match each persons trendy individuality. Be it floral, skulls, fruit, animal prints on the animals. You name it.

Have you always been creative: We’ve always loved eye catching items. Be it in forms of art, sculptures, decor. We love these money boxes and know that people will fall in love with them too.

How can people order from you: They can contact me on Facebook, Instagram or email me on

Do you do custom designs: Unfortunately not but we believe there will be something for everyone!

Quote you live by: “You give life to what you give energy to”

Which one is your favourite?  I still can’t decide on mine, although I think it is the cow!

Good luck ladies – I just know this is going to be a huge success & you truly deserve it x


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