100 Degrees Fahrenheit

Handmade cold process soap from natural oils and luxurious butters. Unless otherwise indicated, all our soap contains olive & coconut oil with blends of other oils and butters as indicated in the description of each soap. 100 Degrees Fahrenheit How do you choose which local businesses to support? And how do you begin to find […]

Kers Scented Candles

I am completely obsessed with delicious scented candles. I love walking into my home and lighting my scattered candles that then gently waft through my space with their different scents. I have different ones for my different moods, and the occasion – there are some that remind me of my granny, other scents that are […]

Mother’s Love Products

Last week I won a box filled with the most divine cleaning products from “Mother’s Love Products”. These eco-friendly products contain essential oils and no nasties, and also really clean your household to a degree that you expect from our regular store-bought products. Having all the health issues I have, as well as being involved […]

To The Bone

Last weekend my friend Maughin and I were off on another #MAndMAdventure around Joburg, and we got to speaking about some of the local businesses that we have blogged about have really stood out for us. She had shared a picture on her story that morning about a business called “To The Bone” and I […]

ellips Hair South Africa

At the beginning of the year TBS Marketing contacted me to ask if I would get involved in a campaign they were running with ellips. I didn’t know too much about them, except that they smelt absolutely divine, but I was excited to learn more and give them a try. Well, if you haven’t seen […]

15 Things Not to Say to Someone With Myasthenia Gravis

I wrote this blog a few years back and thought it was still pretty relevant…  Even though I am nowhere near as sick with Myasthenia Gravis as I was when I wrote these, there are still certain triggers for me that cause heartache! I have heard all of these at least once and they have […]

Stem Cell Transplant (Part 2)

I ended my last blog around my stem cell transplant with details about surviving my transplant of magical unicorn blood aka stem cells, and the fact that I could go back home to the people (and animals) that I love. My diet was going to be extremely strict, and I had to be extremely careful […]

The Best Fudge Ever!

A bad day with fudge is better than a good day without it. Unknown I have such a sweet tooth! And even though I am trying my best to follow a healthier eating plan, there is nothing I appreciate more than a small treat with my evening cup of tea. And I couldn’t think of […]

Fundraising Like Your Life Depends On It…

We never plan to get sick… especially not with a rare condition or in need of a life-saving procedure that isn’t covered by medical aid, let alone our own pockets. And fundraising to keep living is definitely never thought of! Fundraising has become an important part of living with a rare condition. It has allowed […]

Grow with the Flow

One thing that being in lockdown and spending extra time at home has changed for me is the amount of houseplants I have accumulated. From small to large, from upright to cascading, from green to pink – I have discovered my love of greenery and nature surrounding me, and I love taking the time to […]