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Trying to live a greener, better life is one of my goals for 2019.  I want to try to recycle, refuse & reduce – I no longer accept plastic bags when out shopping but rather take my fabric reusable bags into the shop with me, & if I have forgotten them behind then I will load up the trolley & have to carry everything into the house individually!  I also have a bamboo straw & a stainless steel straw that I carry with me to use if necessary, & again, if I have forgotten one of these then I will refuse a plastic one.  We have a recycling bin in the office, & I am trying my hardest to decrease my carbon footprint.  We have also recently implemented meat-free Monday (you can read more of the benefits here).

I think going through my stem cell transplant has really reminded me that we only have one life to live, & we need to make it the best life possible.  Also what kind of planet are we destroying not only for ourselves, but for the future generations?  Do we want our children & grandchildren to be exploring through rubbish piles rather than the beauty of nature?  I know that I don’t!

I also discovered a group on Facebook called Zero Waste Journey Southern Africa – this is a non-judgemental space where people can offer advice on how to reduce their waste.  The time to make a change is now.


When I heard that two of my favourite businesses (Jislaaik! Online Stores & Olive & Arrow Creative) had collaborated to bring out a range called Jislaain I did a little happy dance.  I saw some of the cushion covers they had done, & then I saw a sneak peek of their tees that they are bringing out & I just fell in love.  Their SOS Tees are to raise awareness for the plastic & waste problems that are being experienced worldwide, & to encourage people to do their bit in helping to save the planet.  They have also joined forces with Raw Co. to print & develop this range of tees.



Jislaaik! store has a passion for making a difference in the world & I love everything that they stand for…


Jislaain is a collaboration initiative bringing together a few elite local brands. Promoting South African talent and still providing that exceptional quality that you come to expect.

Laain (pronouced as Line) – focuses on amazing One Line drawings done by Olive & Arrow Creative. One Line. One Line is used for the whole illustration. These designs are the signature of the Jislaain range and can be seen on each and every item available.

We’re bringing One Line Drawings to life – minimalistic, simple and absolutely gorgeous.


The SOS (Save Our Seas) Tees range focuses on exactly that. Saving our seas – well, technically not just the seas!

Here are some shocking facts on the current status:

  • According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), South Africans use between 30kg and 50kg of plastic per person per year.
  • More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year. –
  • There are 5 giant garbage patches floating in the ocean of which the largest one contains more than 80,000 tonnes of plastic. –
  • Have you ever thought that some of your trash might be in those patches? Or that something you threw into your dustbin ended up killing an animal?

With this range we aim to raise more awareness on this issue and to get people to think differently about their consumption and the impact they have on our planet.

We will also be donating proceeds on each shirt purchased to various charities who share the same view and passion and who are actively making a difference in our world. Our followers on social media will be able to suggest and vote for their favourite charities on a monthly basis.

The shirts in this range are all ethically sourced and made locally.

(Taken from the Jislaaik! website)

Jis Logo Round Transparant

Their range of tees is launching in about 2 weeks, but they are doing a giveaway on Monday 01/04/2019, so make sure you are following them on social media & don’t miss out.

The sponsors for the prize include:

Jislaaik Logo - Word - Transparant

Jislaaik Online StoreFacebook, Instagram & Website

Making a difference in the world has always been a passion for Jislaaik and to bring out the Jislaain SOS Tees range is just the tip of the iceberg. It is just so heartbreaking to think that we as human beings are responsible for all this waste  that is everywhere and killing so many animals (and possibly humans too) just because we can’t responsibly dispose of this. But if each person just makes one right decision in this matter – just imagine the huge change and the good things that will take place.


Olive & Arrow Creative Logo-4.png

Olive & Arrow CreativeFacebook & Instagram



Raw Co.Facebook & Instagram

My intention for RAW Co.
~ Not just a brand but a lifestyle ~
One that focuses on providing you with excellent quality, real, authentic wares made from natural, recycled and sustainable products that are source and manufactured following best labour and environmental practices.
A brand that does good for our people, community and environment.
A business that I’ll be proud to leave to my son one day.
I hope for it to make a BIG positive impact for our future generations and that it will assist us to live a more sustainable and responsible approach to life.
~ I find fulfillment and gratitude in doing this for the good of our environment and future. ~

The Bamboo Project PNG.png

The Bamboo ProjectFacebook & Instagram


The RefilleryFacebook & Instagram


BiddykinsFacebook & Instagram


MinimalwastesaFacebook & Instagram

Our aim is to provide South Africans with quality, earth friendly, stationery. Looking around it has become apparent that reusable straws, coffee cups and bags are the new thing (and rightly so!). We realized that there is a plastic-free alternative to everything, except stationery! So we decided to embark on the journey to make this possible to South Africans. Our founder, Christie, is a marine biologist and has been an active volunteer at the Two Oceans Aquarium for years. So therefore, she decided that our profits go towards rehabilitating stranded turtles, (a lot that arrive with stomachs full of plastic!) at the TOA.


BundubeardFacebook & Instagram

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 08.52.39.png

Silistraw – Facebook & Instagram

With a world population of over 7,6 billion people, if every person uses 1 plastic straw per day, that would result in over 7,6 billion plastic straws per day being added to the plastic waste that will take over 200 years to decompose, whilst permeating its way into our food chain and harming sea and bird life across the world. It is a fact that in our lifetime, our oceans will be home to more plastic than fish … a shocking statistic.

Silistraw is a reusable silicone straw that can be easily cleaned, folded and stored in a convenient small capsule resulting in no mess.

Why silicone?

Reusable, Non-Toxic, BPA Free
Environmentally conscious
Durable, Foldable, Easy to clean, Dishwasher friendly
No metallic after taste

Bert Logo.PNG

Bert 3000 – Facebook & Instagram

There are also 3 of us bloggers that have got involved, & I ADORE the other ladies so please show them some love by liking & following them 🙂


My Spreadsheet BrainFacebook & Instagram



Gathered by ClaireFacebook & Instagram

Flowercrowns & Treatments.png

Flowercrowns & TreatmentFacebook & Instagram

You can enter the competition on Facebook by clicking here, or go through to the Instagram one here.

Good luck!


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