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Having recently returned from a trip of a lifetime, I realised the importance of wearing good quality sunglasses, and how these really do protect your eyes. PLUS, polarised sunglasses are honestly a whole new level of amazingness and the clarity that you get when looking at the ocean and gorgeous views that surround us. When I returned, I started hunting for local brands that produce unique and high-quality sunglasses – and that is when I came across 30 South!

I can’t wait to show you more about this brand, and I know that you will absolutely love them as much as I do.

Who are 30 South Sunglasses?

Business Name: 30 South

Social Media Handles: Facebook, Instagram and Website.

What Makes Your Brand Unique: At 30 South, our distinction lies in fashioning frames from upcycled ocean plastics and discarded fishing nets, a testament to our commitment to sustainability. We offer superior-quality products that harmonize eco-friendliness with optimal performance, embodying a fusion of style and purpose.

Polarised Lenses

What Are Polarised Lenses: Polarised lenses are specialized sunglass lenses designed to counteract glare and alleviate eye strain. By selectively filtering light, they enhance visual clarity and safety, making them an indispensable companion in bright outdoor conditions.

Why Should You Wear Glasses with Polarised Lenses: Embracing glasses with polarised lenses translates to safeguarding your eyes from glare-induced discomfort and potential hazards, guaranteeing a more secure and relaxed visual experience outdoors.

Recycled Materials

Why Recycled Ocean Plastic: Our choice to utilize recycled ocean plastic and discarded fishing nets stems from our desire to rejuvenate waste materials into valuable, purposeful creations. We source our recycled plastic from Indonesia, where our partnership fosters beach cleanups and creates job opportunities for locals who collect the plastic, instilling a sense of community and environmental stewardship. The nets we get from the UK and save them from ending up discarded at sea or in landfills.

Who Would Benefit from Using Your Glasses: Our glasses cater to a diverse spectrum of individuals, including nature enthusiasts, sports aficionados, road travellers, and anyone who appreciates finely crafted eyewear that champions both visual well-being and ecological revival.

Most Popular Items: Original rx style Is the most popular. The plain black called the Willard’s named after Willard’s beach in Ballito, which is where we founded the company.

Who is your Target Audience: Our offerings are tailored for conscious consumers who seek eyewear that seamlessly integrates impeccable quality, outdoor utility, and a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

In Conclusion

Why do you encourage people to supporting local: Supporting local enterprises not only nurtures local economies and entrepreneurship but also reduces ecological strain by minimizing long-haul transportation. It cultivates a sense of community and shared prosperity.

Where can people purchase your sunglasses from: Explore our diverse range of eyewear on our official website,, as well as Southern Provisions (Imhoff, Kommetjie) and Tintswalo (both Atlantic and Boulders). We plan to pop up in more stores around town, so keep your eyes peeled.

Anything Else to Add: Our brand encapsulates the belief that through mindful choices, we can metamorphose the world. With each pair of our eyewear, you partake in this transformative journey toward a greener, more conscious planet.

Final Thoughts

These sunglasses are not only super cool, but they are saving our environment, and you can personalise them according to your personality and needs. What I really love is that when you visit their website, you can literally choose the colour of your lenses and your frames and you don’t just have to go with a standard pair.

I love that this business stands for fun, but also that they are here to make a positive impact on an entire industry; as well as valuing their purpose above any profit. This is a business that is more than just a business – they are real people, for real people and making a real difference to the world around us.

So next time you see me, if I am rocking some super cool shades, you know where I got them from!

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