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I LOVE a good t-shirt – especially when they have funny South African sayings on them.  You can wear these anywhere, & pair them with jeans/shorts/skirts.  And when I saw a local business creating super-cute designs, including clothing for babies & children, I immediately popped them a message to see if I could feature them on my blog.


Your name: Anneke Buckle

Business name: Woelig


Social media handles:  Instagram & Facebook

Tell me why your shirts & designs are so different to others:  Everything about Woelig makes me proud. The font, the cute afrikaans words and all the love that goes into it even the packaging. The words are unique, proudly south african.

What is your personal favourite:  Woelig & Plaasmeisie & Meisiemens.
It describes me the best.

What have been some of the most popular items:  Karnallie, plaasjapie, meisiekind, kletskoningin, woelig, liefiekind, to name a few.

Why did you choose Afrikaans sayings:  I am originally from a small town called Riebeek Kasteel, grew up on a farm. #plaasmeisie.
Afrikaans has always been close to my heart. Afrikaans is a beautiful and powerful but also an easy language.
Afrikaans is one of the modern antique spoken languages in South Africa.
The language even has its own monument in Western Cape Province, South Africa.


Do you do custom designs:  Yes I do. Although I do have a list of set Afrikaans word to choose from, clients are more than welcome to give their own word of even nickname, as long as its Afrikaans.

How can people place an order with you:  They can sent me a Direct message on Facebook or Instagram. I am very responsive to messages


Why do you encourage people to support local:  One-of-a-Kind Products.
A small business owner is going to go the extra mile to make you happy.
Excellent, Personalized Customer Service.

They rely on regular as well as sporadic customers to not only help them earn a profit but also to spread the word to others about their company.
Because these small businesses need the support of local consumers,
you can expect to get friendly, personal customer service.


Quote you live by:
Passion + consistency = success

Anything else you want to add:  My absolute passion for Woelig shows in each individual package. ♥️♥️


How adorable are these?  I know which ones I already have my eye on.

Afrikaans is such a descriptive language, & these words embody their meaning – they make me smile every time I look at them.  Which one is your favourite?  And are you going to place your order for Christmas?


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