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One of my favourite people in the world, Jane Linley-Thomas, recently posted about a portrait she was getting done of a very special family member – their adorable dog.  Now, if you know anything about me, you would know that my animals are number one in my life.  In fact, I think that we treat them better than some people do their kids.  No judgement, but I often think they deserve that unwavering love more than humans do…

I immediately went to check out the social media of Pet Portraits & fell in love with everything that I saw!  I knew I had to get to know them a little better, & really think this is a great idea as a Christmas gift (there is less than 2 months to go people).

Your name: Bruce McNabb

Business name: Pet Portraits

Social media handles: Facebook & Instagram

Tell me a little more about what you do:  My main business is WiWe Workwear – an e-Commerce company that partners with factories and industry in the procurement of workwear, footwear and PPE. Pet Portraits is a “feel good” hobby business that I do on the side.


Have you always been artistic:  I am not sure I would label myself as artistic however I do feel I have a good eye for what looks good, especially with my business. Aside from the portraits, my creativity is also expressed through music – I play a variety of instruments.

Why the idea with pets:  This idea was originally just an idea I had as a birthday present for my younger brother. He loves his dog Billy who he affectionately renamed Sir William of Everton. I felt that nickname deserved a portrait to justify that so I got creative. Based on that birthday gift I was inundated with requests for other people so I figured I should start a business. The feedback I have had has been crazy and people are loving getting their pets made into family heirlooms. It is incredibly rewarding.

How can people place an order with you:  Through the business email,

What are your price ranges for these works of art:  R2000 for the artwork, canvas and vintage framing. Leading up to Christmas this year I have decided to give a 10% discount. I offer 2 portraits for R3500.


What makes your art stand out in comparison to others:  Funnily enough there isn’t any competitors in SA at this point, however the nature of the business is so personal that every portrait is utterly unique. International competitors seem to focus on block canvassing whereas I feel the vintage framing really adds a massive difference. I want every portrait to be classic and presented proudly in homes.

Quote you live by:  Go local!

If you are an animal lover like me, these will definitely catch your attention & will be a great piece of art to display in your home & will form a talking point for years to come.

Please let me know if you decide to get one for yourself – I would love to see them!


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