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Modibodi Period Panties are in South Africa!

Periods. Incontinence. Sweat…we’ve got you covered.

Modibodi offers Quality Period underwear and swimming costumes to manage all of life’s leaks. It’s never been this easy…all while saving the planet.

It’s designed to completely replace pads, liners and tampons, giving you better protection, better support and a better life.

Modibodi South Africa

Body positivity.


Stress less.

Being a woman is hard enough as it is – add in periods, incontinence, sweat, discharge and so much more; and yet we do not speak about what this means and how it affects us. For example, many women pee a little when they sneeze or laugh and jumping on a trampoline is a dream from our past. So when I heard about Modibodi, a range that allows for different absorbencies and for managing those “oopsie” moments that occasionally catch us out.

So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the team behind Modibodi SA…

Get to know Modibodi

Your Names: Natasha Gericke and Charlene McQuinn

Business Name: Modibodi South Africa

Social Media Handles: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Website.

3 fun facts about us: When we’re together we both laugh so much our husbands leave the room / We’ve been friends for over 23 years / We would never have done this without each other.

How did you hear about ModiBodi: It all happened when one of our daughters started her period and had to miss out on Galas and swimming at school. Charlene arranged for some Modibodi Panties and Swimming Costumes from Australia and couldn’t believe the impact it had on her daily routine. Truly life-changing! This quality product just had to be available in South Africa too.

Why do you recommend Modibodi over other brands: Quality, Quality, Quality. The way this product performs is just incredible. You stay dry all day long irrespective of a heavy flow and you feel confident. The founders spent two years perfecting the technology and have consulted over 100 experts while formulating 6 unique technologies. Over 1,000 performance test have been conducted to ensure it performs consistently and keeps women safe from harmful substances. It’s Oeko-Tex (Pronounced O-KO-TEK) certified which means it’s free from chemicals that are harmful to human health. This includes allergens and carcinogens.

Modibodi Products

Who are your products for: Currently our range focuses on Teens, Women and Mothers, that experience incontinence, discharge and of course periods. We will eventually include the incontinence range for Mens as well as the Baby range too.

What are the different absorbencies with your panties: We range from Super light in the Thongs and then move into Light-Moderate (2 tampons/10mls), Moderate-Heavy, (2-3 tampons/15mls), Heavy-Overnight (3-4 tampons/20mls) and then our Maxi-24Hrs (8-10 tampons/50mls).

What does it feel like to wear these panties: Besides being slightly thicker in the gusset, you wont know any difference. Even the Maxi-24 absorbency is so snug that your jeans can be comfortably worn over without feeling bulky.

What is your full range: Currently our range consists of the following styles, Classic Bikini, Classic Full Brief, Classic Thong, Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini, Sensual Bikini, Sensual Boyleg, Seamfree Thong, Maternity Briefs, Teens Bikini, Teens Boyshorts, Ladies Swimming Costumes and Teens Swimming Costumes.

Which item is your personal favourite in the range: Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini – the lace around the top is just high enough to pull in a bloated belly ????

What have been the most popular items: Classic Bikini is the most popular. It’s a great style and we have a lot of the teens opting for those too.

I heard you are bringing in more stock – please tell me more: Yes! We can’t wait for it to arrive. It should be in any day now and brings a whole range of beautiful teen prints and an assortment of colours. Who said period panties need to be dull! There are some sneak peaks of what’s to come in this article….

BTS Modbodi

What are these panties made from: The 4 combinations of fabrics that make up our garments are Organic Cotton, Merino Wool, Renewable Bamboo and Recycled Nylon. All these fabrics are responsibly sourced – for example the Merino wool only comes from farms with non-mulesed sheep (if you don’t know what this is, you should look it up. Very important to know when purchasing Merino wool). Organic cotton saves a vast amount of water compared to traditional cotton and the nylon has all been recycled to reduce both emissions and landfill waste. Modibodi also pays all suppliers liveable wages and not basic minimum wages, which makes us very proud to be a part of this team!

Why are these panties a step towards making a difference to our environment: Our panties, if cared for correctly, will last for a minimum of 2 years. That’s a LOT of disposable items saved from our landfills. Did you know that a sanitary Pad takes between 500-800 years to decompose? That means the first one ever made, is still out there. That’s a lot of waste considering an average period cycle will make use of 14 pads – which amounts to 168 pads a year and then 336 pads in 2 years! Are you picking up what where putting down ???? We’re saying NO to single use period products and YES to sustainable, comfortable Modibodi Panties.

In Closing (and a discount code!)

Quote you live by: At the moment, it’s “One day at a time”. It’s been a challenging start, setting up a business in this ever-changing environment that Covid has created. We couldn’t do it without each other, and our daily chats are what keep us going.

Anything else you want to add: Yes, All Megan’s readers get a 5% discount off their Modibodi’s if they use her voucher code FLOWERCROWNS when checking out. Thank you for having us Meg’s. We love you!

Meg’s Final Thoughts

I have 2 pairs of these broeks for myself and can honestly vouch for their claims. They are comfy with no feeling of wearing a nappy or sitting in “wetness”. They look classy when you are wearing them too which is always a bonus. I could spend hours scouring their website and discovering what new styles and patterns they have available.

We shouldn’t be living in fear of messing through our lower body clothing, or of having fun with the kids and friends around us. And Modibodi panties allow just that! I am behind them 100% and I know that you will feel the same once you try a pair for yourself.

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