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When I come across a local business that speaks to me on social media, I know immediately that I need to feature them on my blog. And this is what happened when I saw Luna + Lily, and Danica and I started chatting. She got my crazy, and her products made me “ooh” and “aah” whenever they popped up on my feed.

I love finding quaint local businesses who are following their passion and sharing their talent with everyone around them. And I feel like this is exactly what Danica is doing…

Luna + Lily – the brand

Your name: Danica Ellis

Business name: Luna + Lily

Social media handles: Instagram, Facebook and Website.

3 fun facts about you:

  1. I have 11 facial piercings and 0 tattoos
  2. I plan to write a book and host a TedTalk in my future
  3. I once dyed my hair the same colour as my favourite lipstick

Tell me more about the name of your business – where did this come from:

My name Danica means ‘morningstar’, so I have always been attracted to names that align with this meaning – that’s where my love for Lunar (moon) themes started.

Luna was initially planned as a one-day daughter name (I’d love a mini me!), but for now, the universe paired me with my adopted fur-daughter, whose name was Luna from birth.

Through developing the business, I realised how truly integrated Luna is in everything I do, and the name began to personify a childlike essence for the brand.

Lily is a nickname of mine – I usually have thick bangs and was told I looked like Lily Allen (the singer). The name stuck and I channeled it as a playful adult identity. Inside this identity though is a 7-year old’s desire to play and create – so Luna + Lily was born. We’re the perfect pair!

Why did you start your business:

My own space has always been my sanctuary, so I’ve spent time throughout my life being resourceful in making it ‘mine’. I began creating my own furniture, decor items and accessories because I love things that feel like me – I love one-of-a-kind and the only way to get there is to put my own spin on it!

The same goes for the life I’m creating – I’ve stepped into a season in my life where design goes beyond product development – I design my day, my future and the impact I can create through this.

Starting a business is one of the ways I can truly write my own story and share it with others. I like making pretty things and just want you to love to feel as good about them as I do!

What makes your business so unique:
No one is you, and that’s your superpower, right? I’m using the law of attraction to find my people – those who will resonate with the same things I love!

So, I’m just sewing myself into the business and putting my most authentic self out there.

There are many artisans working with similar materials like concrete, wood and macrame, but I think there are two differentiators when it comes to Luna + Lily:

  1. It’s not a product or service-based business, it’s a brand, that is embodied through lifestyle products and services.
  2. I have a unique way of approaching my collections; having a creative background in makeup artistry, education and marketing.

Luna+ Lily – the products

What is your personal favourite item in your shop:

Oe! This is a toughie, but if I have to pick it would be our Galaxy kaftans – I love how accidental her development was. I was going to a festival and wanted to feel as “me” as possible. I embarked on creating a few items for the event and the kaftan became a staple in my wardrobe.

The garment enables me to step into my power as a woman, in all my phases, and feel good by meeting myself wherever I’m at.

Self-expression, inclusion, and shapeshifting to meet my current phase are critical for me as an artist.

How can people order from you:

Currently we are taking orders via social media but have plans for e-commerce. We are also soon expanding into the crafter’s market ecosystem where you’ll be able to shop on the spot!

Do you create custom items:

We do take custom orders – this is partly how we started development on most of our range. I’m energised by creating a unique experience for someone, so custom orders are a great way for me to bring you into the process and make you something truly one of a kind.

Oooh, I see you do workshops! Please tell me more:

Yes, workshops are also on the way! Because of my background as a lecturer, I cannot imagine myself not bringing workshops into the service offering of the business.

Workshops will be curated for the clients who love to make things but don’t have the time or desire to organise the nitty gritty themselves. Creative play is so important for all ages, and I want to bring a therapeutic element to my brand through this. I also looove kiddies and any excuse to be creative with young minds.

Who do you think would enjoy your products:

My own present and future have been integrated into how I view our ideal customer: she’s a homemaker, a social babe and a local-lover who values her tribe and loves to share in her style and space with others.

Luna + Lily – in closing

What is the mood of your whole business:

Authenticity, raw beauty, and mindful creation.

Quote you live by:

I have so many! Currently the most impactful one is:

“No bullsh*t – what will it take?” from a book called Radical Confidence by Lisa Bilyeu

Anything else you want to add:

Our range is made up of different collections based on material – you’ll see various cross-indexing between concrete, wood, fibre and metal. We’ve designed the range to fit across your lifestyle with the collections working harmoniously together.

Support Local!

Are you not enthralled by this brand?

Do you not want to pop out to dance with the fairies in one of Luna + Lily’s galaxy kaftans?

Isn’t your house crying out for one of these shelves or side tables?

Please show your support and love for Luna + Lily by it only sharing this blog but giving her social media pages a follow. And next time you spot her items in person, give her the biggest hug and congratulations on bringing her ideas to life.

Pssst: Danica, will you be my bestie? I think you are just wonderful!

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