Glitter Alchemy Inc

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When I get all dressed up for an event or festival, I am really enjoying going that extra mile with my makeup – and glitter is the perfect cherry on top!  I have rediscovered my love of the crazy (you should have seen my makeup in my younger years!) & eccentric, & so finding Glitter Alchemy was like it was speaking to my very soul…

I used to have a mantra – “When in doubt, just add glitter.”  This meant that I always try to see the good in every situation & would always try to bring my own kind of sparkle to wherever I am.


Your name: Shannon Jade Swanepoel & Charlene van Niekerk

Business name: Glitter Alchemy Inc

Social media handles: Facebook & Instagram


Tell me more about what you do: We cater for all festival and eccentric needs! Everything from custom glitters, festival makeup, tribal looks etc – we simply love to frame the face! We also make a wide range of accessories, from over-the-top one-of-a-kind top hats, to customised jackets, boot accessories and sunglasses!

How did you decide to start this business: WE LOVE GLITTER – We saw a few faces wearing glitter at music festivals in SA, and absolutely loved the idea and the look, so we brought the sparkle to the party!

How long have you been open for: Under 6 months

What is your personal favourite glitter: MAJESTIC AF & STALLION BABY


What are the most popular glitters that your fans love: GOLDEN GRIEF & BLUE FACE BABY

Why do you love glitter so much: We all shine from within, we want to help you in shining from without!

How can people order/buy from you: You can contact us directly – 076 682 7387 (Shannon) or 083 642 3182 (Charlene), all our products are available on all our social media platforms (Instagram & Facebook)


Do you do custom orders: HELL YES!!


Anything else you want to add: We believe in concept of doing good and being good at it.

Are these not the most gorgeous glitters you have ever seen?

I am hoping to do a styled shoot with some of their products (they have sent me an idea of what they would like to do) & I am so super excited.  These glitters literally get my heart racing & I can’t decide which I love the most…  I will be placing an order soon & then you better beware – you are going to see the shimmer before you actually see me coming!

Next time you are in need of some awesome, unique festival vibes; please pop over to Glitter Alchemy Inc.  You will become totally lost in their gorgeous pages…


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