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On my quest to live a more eco-friendly life, & make better choices wherever possible, I have been actively searching out businesses that encourage this kind of lifestyle.  I carry fabric shopping bags, use silicone straws & I am really trying not to buy anything wrapped or packed in single-use plastic.  I am reusing boxes that parcels are delivered in & am really trying to recycle wherever possible.

And then, I discovered a small business called Cultivate Conscious Living.  They are a beautiful, lovingly run business in KZN that really encourage better choices.


Your name: Ashleigh-Jade

Business name: Cultivate Conscious Living

Social media handles: Facebook, Instagram & Website


Tell me a bit more about what you do: I run a little business called Cultivate Conscious Living as my passion project as it feels my deep desire to want to help and make a difference in our world and home. We sell stainless steel straws, little bags to put them in, and the produce bags that have officially just launched. I am not only passionate about the environment, but also South Africa, and her people. One of the most rewarding things about CCL is that it has created some extra income for Nolufefe who sews all our little bags (and more importantly has been part of my family for years). Watching her become more skilled in sewing and business has been such a joy! She has dreams of becoming a fashion designer, so I am hoping that this is something I can help her with.


What gave you the idea to start this business: It was one of my crazy-wild-4am-magic-moments, or at least that is what I like to call them. It was the end of 2017, I had just packed up my life in the UK (I lived and studied there for 5 years) and was ready to move back to my homeland. I was reflecting and praying about the year ahead, ready to set my annual challenge, and decided 2018 was going to be the year of NO PLASTIC. As I decided that my heart sparked and the idea of CCL was birthed as I realized that South Africa at the time didn’t have much as awareness about plastic and needed it! As I got back, the timing was perfect as the #refusethestraw campaign kicked off… I couldn’t have planned it even if I tried!


What are the different products you currently sell: I currently sell stainless steel straws and eco-produce bags.

What are some ideas that you have for people to live a more eco-friendly life: Practice. What we need is everyone attempting to live a more eco-life, trying to refuse plastic, live more consciously and put in more effort to fight the “convenience monster” that produces so much waste. If everyone was practicing this, it would make a far bigger impact than the few people who are doing it perfectly.

Why do you encourage people to support local: Because when we do, we support a mom who is trying to buy medicine for her daughter, or a dad who is trying to put food on the table. I come from a family of small business owners, entrepreneurs and I have felt the benefits (and the disappointments) of buying local! It might feel like it is a little more costly, but in fact, if you consider the bigger picture, it saves more than you could imagine! Supporting local means voting with your money against sweatshop type child slavery, the massive corporate environmental pollution, and the list goes on…

Where can people buy your products from: Our online store


Do you deliver throughout South Africa: Yes yes yes!

Quote you live by: “Practice not perfection!”

Anything else you want to add: Thank you for doing what you do! I believe that if everyone shared the passion on their heart, and had the courage to keep going when giving up would be so much easier, the world would be a better place!

I absolutely adore these products, & the whole ethos that this business follows & encourages.  The natural colours & simplicity are also so attractive.  We should all be supporting this idea!

What are your thoughts?  And what changes have you made to your life?


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