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Last week I was thrilled to be invited to toast&co in Craighall Park as they launched their new facial care range that they have welcomed into the salon. As Boity began speaking about Youth Lab I was immediately drawn into her excitement for this brand! This is an affordable skincare range that aims to boost the metabolic function within the skin – and the products smell absolutely divine. I immediately purchased the Candy Scrub & Mask, and have my eye on a cleanser and moisturiser next. I reached out to the big bosses Victoria and Tanya immediately after this event as I knew that I had to feature them on my blog.

Besides the gorgeous bright colours of their branding, their products also really do work. They all smell divine – and yes, the Candy Scrub & Mask really does smell like candy! Their pricing is competitive with other brands, but the science and research behind this brand is way ahead of others on the market. I can’t wait for you to hear more about Youth Lab from the wonderful women that I got to chat to, and hopefully experience the products for yourself.

YOUTH LAB. is an awarded brand with advanced, yet affordable skin-care products aiming to boost metabolic functions within the skin and gradually “build” a youthful, radiant and clear complexion.

BTS with Youth Lab.

Your names: Victoria and Tanya

Business name: Evolution Cosmetic

Social media handles: Youth Lab SA Facebook, Instagram, Website. Dermaquest SAFacebook, Instagram, Website. Dr Shrammek SAFacebook, Instagram, Website. Gold Collagen SAFacebook, Instagram, Website.

3 fun facts about you:

  1. We have been working together for 13 years.
  2. Evolution Cosmetic houses top, international skin care brands and the award winning collagen + multi-vitamin supplement, Gold Collagen.
  3. We launched Youth Lab after realising that we needed to ensure good, quality, medical-grade skin care was accessible to everyone. Covid has brought with it many challenges and harder times financially for most, we know our consumer still wants to care for their skin but might not be able to afford the higher end skin care they once could.

What is Youth Lab:
During the aging process, our skin’s metabolic rate decreases and with each passing year more biological functions move into the slow lane. Through age and exposure to constant environmental hazards, our systems start to perform below average, resulting in slower cell communication and unwanted skin conditions, such as acne, pigmentation as well as all stages of the aging process.

From cleansers and results-driven moisturisers to innovative treatment masks and serums, each product within YOUTH LAB. targets a different skin metabolic function and is enriched with active ingredients, especially designed to balance the specific condition being treated. Mainly though, it is a anti-aging skin care range for every beautiful stage you’re at!

What makes Youth Lab stand out in comparison to other skincare products:
The unique skin metabolism philosophy as well as the years of clinical research that went into the brand. The trials started in 2006 and it only launched globally in 2013… skincare quite literally backed by science

• Cruelty free
• Vegan friendly
• Sustainably sourced ingredients
• Gluten free
• Mineral oil free
• Paraben free

What is your personal favourite product:
Tanya = Restoring Serum: Being in my late 30’s its certainly time to up my anti-aging game! I like this because of the fluid consistency, because I am quote prone to breakouts I need something to target my aging concerns without being too rich. I am able to use this serum at night with no additional moisturiser. It also restores radiance and brightness, leaving my skin more elastic, smoother and firmer.

Victoria = Peptide Spring Hydra-Gel Eye Patches: Peptides to the power of 4!!! Remember, this is a medical-grade skin care brand – so these patches are not just a cute selfie enhancer. I leave them on twice a week up to 15min as a very intensive treatment around my eye area, they have truly assisted my puffiness, dark circles and crow’s feet – the eyes need more attention in your late 40’s.

What is the one product that you think everyone should try:
Cleansing Radiance Mask and Candy Scrub! Equally they both contain unique blends of AHA, BHA and botanical extracts – by using these two you’ll realise the strength of the treatments! Use them twice a week to really boost your daily skincare routine.

Which are the basic products that you would recommend people start out with:
Cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen!!!

If we don’t know which products to try can we contact you for assistance:
Of course! We will also direct you to your nearest stockist for a full skin analysis
We also have a full website where you can learn more –

What are some of your active ingredients:
Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Beta Hydroxy Acids

Which skin types and concerns are best suited to using Youth Lab:
Oily skin and acne
Aging at every stage
Dryness, dehydration

Where can people purchase your products from:
We are stocked at medi-spa’s and aesthetic practices nationwide

How do you get all your products to smell so flipping yummy:
Essential oil essence

Quote you live by:

“You glow through what you go through!”

Anything else you want to add:
Evolution Cosmetic is a dynamic skincare marketing and distribution company operating from our head office in Johannesburg. We handle not only the import and distribution of our brands, but all training, PR and marketing.
We are using the knowledge and passion for the medical aesthetic industry gained, to successfully launch a number of top international skincare brands in South Africa. We are a small yet dynamic team with a strong commitment to customer service and relations who pride ourselves on efficiency and attention to detail. Learn more at

Guys, this skincare range has honestly impressed me so much. From blemish patches, to anti-aging products, to SPF with a tint (so it can be used as a “healthier” BB cream on a daily basis); these products are ahead of the game and are here to change our skincare routines to something enjoyable without the extreme costs we often find associated with salon-sourced skincare ranges.

PLUS, you can even go to salons such as toast&co to experience a facial using these products to see for yourself how wonderful they are, and how much your skin will appreciate the extra love and attention. If you have any concerns or queries, please reach out to the Youth Lab team directly, and they can assist with your queries or confusion around any of the products that you are wanting to try.


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