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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton.

Don’t you find that at times you look around your house & you just really need a change?  Whether it be new cushions on your couches; changing the photos in your frames; or just rearranging the furniture – all of these can make the world of difference to how a room looks & how you feel about it.

Husband & I had a tough week.  Work-wise, emotionally, health-wise & just stressful.  So we decided to have our own form of “therapy” by changing a few things in our house.  We didn’t put the TV on, just enjoyed the time we had together, laughed, spoke about everything & got to work out a lot of frustrations & irritations.

And these were our projects…IMG_8954.jpg

Our old-school bedside tables that were last “renovated” in 1983.  They serve their purpose well, but let’s be honest, they needed an update!  We didn’t want to buy new ones, so decided to try out a new paint that I had been eyeing out for some time – Granny B’s Old-Fashioned Paint.  We found a shop quite close to us that stocked it (Rosedales Gifts & Decor) & went to go choose our colour.  They have the most gorgeous colours, & after some backwards & forwards between a few of them, we finally settled on “Overcast”.  The lady who helped us was very informative & really assisted us a lot in deciding what would be best – plus they offer craft mornings some weekends so guess where I will be going soon?!

We got home, emptied out our bedside tables & took them outside onto some newspaper.


It was a beautiful day, & as I said before it was such a wonderful bonding time for us.  We got to just be alone together with no other distractions.  I also realised just how calming painting can be!  Plus the bonus with this paint is you don’t need to sand down the surface area or prep it in any way – simply paint it & finish it off with “armour”.  We chose the matte finish & it felt like such an accomplishment once we were done!  It is the first piece of furniture I have ever painted so it was a big things for me – maybe not so much for husband who used to be in construction & is a perfectionist of NOTE.


So this is our finished product!  What do you think?  The paint dries really quickly – you only need to wait about half an hour between layers, & about 2 hours before finishing off with the armour, so it literally can be finished off in one day.  It has made such a difference to our bedroom – now I just need to find the next thing that I can work on & clear my mind.

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