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I am a HUGE Korean Beauty fan, & have been using some of their products for a while now.  I LOVE how the products remove my makeup so easily, whilst keeping my skin feeling soft & moisturised.  There have been a few different companies that I have ordered from here in South Africa, but meeting the owners of Seven Blossoms made me smile so much & I was so impressed with their level of customer care so I knew that I had to do a feature on them.

Your names: Yasaar & Patrick
Your business name: Seven Blossoms
How did you decide on this name: Seven is a lucky number in Korea, and mine as well! Apart from the link to Asia, blossoms always conjure up an image in mind of soft beauty, that you want to preserve for a long as possible. It just clicked for me.

Social media handles:  Facebook & Instagram
You can email us on
Tell me more about K-Beauty: Korean beauty has taken the world by storm for a while now. Their products are largely natural, and they have introduced products that are now being used worldwide (serums and essences). They’re cool, they’re different, they smell wonderful etc. And most importantly, they really work, and really are cost effective!
Why/how did you get into this: I’d first stumbled across K-Beauty online, and when I started investigating it I was hooked. Who isn’t intrigued by a Horse Fat sheetmask?? I’m lucky enough that I have family who often travel to Asia, and the first time they came back with samples for me, I was in love! I’ve never looked back, but I couldn’t possibly rely on people to constantly bring in products for me, and ordering online took too long and was quite expensive, so I decided to explore the prospect of importing myself, and the rest just fell into place.

What are the 10 steps of KBeauty:
1.Remove makeup with an oil cleanser. Make sure it’s properly washed off, and your face is dry, then
2. Water based foaming cleanser
3. Exfoliator
4. Toner
5. Essence
6. Ampoules
7. Sheet mask
8. Eye cream
9. Moisturizer
10. Sun protection

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-18 at 14.06.16
Photo Credit: Hello Gorgeous

You don’t have to do all 10 steps daily, and if you’re just starting out, buy one or 2 products a month to build your collection cost effectively.

What are your favourite products: I have products that I tend to use in combination, rather than by brand. I don’t often wear makeup, so I often skip the oil cleanser, but I love the washoff and sheet masks. The Skinfood egg white pore cleansing foam is my daily wash, and the I absolutely can’t do without the Etude House wonder pore freshener.

Why do you think KBeauty has just taken off: I’m not quite sure why we were so slow to pick up on K-beauty, because the rest of the world have been into it for ages. The products are amazing, and tangible results can be seen almost immediately, and the products are largely affordable for the most part
How can people get hold of you to place their order: We’re available on all our social media platforms mentioned above, and orders can be placed directly. We courier nationally. Our website should hopefully be up by the end of September
Quote you live by: If you have great skin, who needs makeup

Any other info you want to add: Be good to your skin, and don’t underestimate the value of sunscreen!
And skincare is not just for women, men need to look after their skin as much as we do. My male clientele is increasing rapidly

You all need to try these products out!  Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.  Contact Yasaar & Patrick for specific advice for your skin type & concerns – they are so helpful & have a great product knowledge.


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