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It’s a new year, and I am getting back on top of sharing some of my favourite local finds. From restaurants to local brands, to decor and so much more. And my first blog of the year is for a new brand, Fanoos Co, that I discovered that makes absolutely WONDERFUL scented candles and other products.

With scents that include Melktert, Kersfees, Rooiwyn and so much more, could you get any more South African? My house is not a home without some delicious scented candle flickering on my counter, and I know that I need to get my hands on one of these ASAP!

Your Name: Nicole Oberholzer

Business Name: Fanoos Co (means light and lantern in Hebrew)

Give them a follow

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook and Website

3 fun facts about yourself:
I am a shopaholic
I have ADHD
I love watching vampire diaries

What prompted you to start this business:
We went to a house viewing, and the owner had a candle lit in each room in a different fragrance. From that moment I became obsessed with candles because of that feeling I got walking through the house. I then tried a lot of different candles but most didn’t give off a scent while burning, it only had “cold throw” (which I later learned was the correct term) or they burned too quickly. One night I decided I was going to try and make my own candle, I had no Idea how but I was determined to find out, I did my research and the next morning I was off to get supplies. I managed to make my first candle ever and only broke a glass jug in the process. I then tested the candle and showed my colleagues. My one friend, Tiffany pushed me to actually start my business. She has helped and inspired me so much throughout this journey. She is also the one responsible for our beautiful labels and artwork.

What makes your business unique:
We are a business focused on bringing you scents that South Africans will love.


What are the different scents that you have available:
Afrika Son
Vuur en Vlam
Reënwoud (newly formulated)

How can people purchase from you:
They can shop online at
We do monthly markets that are posted on our socials.
You can also find our products at ATKV Buffelspoort.
Or pop us a whatsapp 069 389 0566.

The Favourites

What is your personal favourite scent:

Your most popular items:
Our reed diffusers are the most popular products because of their strong long-lasting fragrance. They last up to 3 months.

Why should people support local:
When you support a local business, you support someone that is trying to invest back into our country and every bit helps.

Anything else you want to add:
Our 1st birthday will be in March, at the Randshow 2024.

Quote you live by:
There is always another way.

In closing…

Don’t these scents just sound heavenly? The scents are that which truly attracts me, as I feel a fragrance can truly make a house a home. It can evoke all sorts of emotions, it can bring back memories and it just makes your home feel more welcoming.

Let’s support as many small businesses as possible, and let’s start off with Fanoos Co.

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